Kraken Box SEO Tools

Kraken Box SEO Tools

Kraken Box is the all-encompassing suite of API-connected SEO tools:, and


Combined together, are much more powerful than the sum of their single parts.

Advanced Suite of 3 SEO Tools

Kraken Box

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What's the Kraken Box?

Kraken Box is the all-encompassing suite of connected SEO tools, and, which, combined together, are more powerful than the sum of their single parts.

Kraken Box suite enables usage of any of our tools as a standalone solution, but it also offers seamless integration with other tools of the suite and enhances their already advanced capabilities.

Kraken Box suite of SEO tools includes three key platforms: – Scrape Google to find great relevant link building prospects – Track, manage and report your links, link builders and clients – Automatically report your SEO campaigns via the KPI dashboard

Together, these tools offer a comprehensive solution for main SEO and link building reporting. Kraken Box aims to tackle the core difficulties faced by those working in digital marketing and SEO.

How Kraken Box Fixed Link Building With 3 Steps Strategy?

Imagine a well-known scenario of getting a new client or project for which you need to build XY amount of quality guest post links per month, report link building effort and SEO KPIs.

Here is the tested and true three - steps process of using Kraken Box tools together to quickly deliver the best possible links and SEO results, every month, every time.

1st Step

Find great link building opportunities quickly, filter them, sort and select. Enrich with Ahrefs SEO metrics and email contact


Use Dibz to search and scrape Google Index, combining your preferred keywords and topics with advanced searches.


This will provide an easy-to-understand table of relevant quality websites on which you can build preferred types of links.


Enrich that table with Ahrefs metrics and email contact data.


When you selected the perfect websites you want to outreach to for a link, export this data via API integration into for the next step.

2nd Step

Store link opps, manage created links, monitor their health and client budgets, track link builders efforts and report all that


Add selected link opportunities to your specialized link building database and assign them to a specific client and link builder to avoid double outreach efforts.

Filter the rest of the database to find additional link/website opportunities where you have already built links, and add them to the client project as well.

Track link builders efforts in contacting those link opps.

Add newly built links to the Base and track their health to prevent deletion or change.

3rd Step

Automatically report your created links, SEO campaign KPIs, and goal conversions via an interactive multi-API dashboard

Automate the monthly client reporting process for your created links and SEO goals.

Use prebuilt awesome looking templates to create fully customizable white-label, mobile-friendly KPI dashboard with daily data refresh.

Add your data source API integrations for created links, GA4 traffic and conversions metrics, rankings, GSC and Google MyBusiness data.

Share a unique URL to your dashboard with a client, protect it with a password and set automatic weekly or monthly white-labeled email for great client reporting.

Kraken Box is awesome but don’t take our word for it

Our tools currently have 126 verified reviews on Appsumo with 4,61 average rating

Dibz Verified User

Bought 5 codes!

I’ve used Scrapebox, Citation Labs Link Prospector, and URL Profiler a good amount.

None of those I could really stick with, even though this was a weekly need for me. I’ve tried out Dibz before, but after taking an honest look again, I can definitely see long-term usage here, especially if they plan to keep improving.

One note is that I have been using Ahrefs SERP export tool to export stuff directly from the SERP. The way I’m seeing Dibz be different is that with Dibz, you have their spam technology, their ability to combine multiple searches into one, their proxy handling, and additional tools like email scraping.

Would love to see a Buzzstream integration!

So far, their in-app support is instant, with replies within minutes.

Verified Customer


A Nice Reporting Tool For Marketing & SEO

I work in paid search and have a lot of client reporting. For that reason, I grab every decent dashboard creation tool I can find. What I like so far about Reportz is that the charts are nice and easy to configure. It comes with a decent number of integrations. If they want to be a complete PPC reporting solution they should add a Microsoft Ads integration. Otherwise, this is a VERY solid, stable solution. The one time I asked for help, they were there in an instant and great. I intend to spend more time time in Reportz. One thing though, the Semrush integration is a little light on functionality for now. I stacked this deal and if I had more clients, I would keep adding! Easy 5 Tacos for me!

Verified Customer
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White label backlink tracking and link building management platform

Link building prospecting and Google scraping tool

Digital marketing KPI dashboard reporting solution


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Can I buy Black Friday codes or get Special Free LTD codes after Cyber Monday?

No, unfortunately, the Black Friday deals are expired on the end of Monday 27th of November.

If you want to use all the benefits of the whole suite of our tools, we recommend that you purchase codes for at least two of Kraken Box tools.

What are “free special black kraken ltd codes”?

Only users who purchased 2 or more Appsumo deals are eligible to get these special codes for free.


The idea is to reward our loyal Sumo-lings who purchased multiple codes for our tools and to motivate new users to buy codes across Dibz & Reportz and get ready for – Appsumo on October 30th


By rewarding loyal Sumo-lings who already purchased multiple codes for one or more tools, we want to motivate them to try and use the whole set of Kraken Tools before the flash deals for Dibz and Reportz expire.